COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and Your Water

During this unprecedented time, Western is here to serve. You can count on Western to provide safe, reliable tap water along with continuous wastewater (sewer) service, now and into the future.

Western is committed to a culture of service that ensures operational continuity with excellent customer service. We continue to closely monitor local, regional, state and federal updates and public health recommendations surrounding the pandemic and will continue to provide you important information about your services.

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  3. Western Facility Information
  4. Reopening your Building
  5. Emergency Planning
  6. Stay Informed

Your tap water is safe to drink.

COVID-19 has no impact on the quality or supply of your tap water. As always, your tap water is safe, reliable and we will keep it flowing.

We want you to know that public health is and always will be a top priority for Western. The quality of your drinking water is not something you need to be concerned about. 

Testing for water quality

All public water agencies are required to use treatment technologies that remove or kill viruses or pathogens, including coronavirus. Water quality testing is performed daily to ensure that state and federal drinking water standards are met. 

Western conducts more than 30,000 water quality tests annually to ensure your water meets and exceeds state and federal drinking water standards, which are more stringent than the standards for bottled water.

Stock up on tap water

While we recommend keeping a supply of water on hand for emergencies—like earthquakes—there is no reason to stockpile water.

With many of our customers facing financial insecurities and as more precautions are taken to protect our communities, we are here to assure customers that your tap will flow with clean drinking water regardless of the unprecedented actions being implemented.

Just turn to your tap for safe, reliable water from Western.

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