North Well

To best serve our Murrieta customers, Western has re-established a local well site. The North Well project site is located in the city of Murrieta, California at the corner of Vineyard Pkwy and Kentucky Derby Way.

The North Well will replace an older well that was decommissioned in 2017 because the infrastructure no longer met our standards. However, the quality of the groundwater remains high, so the new well will provide a critical local water source for our Murrieta customers.

Murrieta North Well 2019

The water from the North Well will service Murrieta customers exclusively, providing long-term supply reliability. The North Well is expected to produce 750 gallons of water per minute or 1.08 million gallons per day. This is almost enough water to fill two Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Western is dedicated to finding local water sources to provide safe and reliable water for our customers. We serve an area where droughts are a regional reality. Without many local water sources, we have been relying on more expensive imported water.