Landscape Rebate

Metropolitan Water District’s (MWD) Turf Replacement Program is back! MWD is offering $2 per square foot and Western is adding another $1 so you can get up to $3 per square foot to replace your existing front lawn with a beautiful drought-proof landscape!
Visit to apply. Don’t wait – funding is limited!

Device Rebates

Thinking of purchasing a new water-saving device? Check out our rebate page first to see what models qualify. Rebates are handled by Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, which runs a regional program. For more information or to apply for a rebate, please visit or click the specific links below.

Residential Program

Homeowners can get rebates for the following devices
“Smart” irrigation controllers,
High-efficiency sprinkler nozzles,
High-efficiency toilets,
High-efficiency clothes washers
Rain Barrels

Commercial Program

Business owners can get rebates for the following devices
Plumbing fixtures
Landscape irrigation equipment
Restaurant equipment
Cooling towers
Medical and dental offices