Qualifying Schools

To verify if your school qualifies for Western’s Education programs please contact Western's Education team at 951.571.7259.

Please note that this list does NOT include private schools within Western's service area, however private and homeschools are eligible to participate in programs. 

Retail Service Area Schools


Alvord Unified School District

Lake Hills Elementary, Alvord USD

Murrieta Unified School District

Murrieta Elementary, Murrieta Valley USD

Riverside Unified School District

Earhart Middle, Riverside USD
Franklin Elementary, Riverside USD
Kennedy Elementary, Riverside USD               
King High, Riverside USD 
Lake Mathews Elementary, Riverside USD   
Mark Twain Elementary, Riverside USD

Miller Middle, Riverside USD
Taft Elementary, Riverside USD
Tomas Rivera Elementary, Riverside USD
Woodcrest Elementary, Riverside USD

Val Verde Unified School District

Citrus Hill High, Val Verde USD 

Wholesale Service Area Schools


Alvord Unified School District

Arlanza Elementary, Alvord USD
Arizona Middle, Alvord USD
Collett Elementary, Alvord USD
Foothill Elementary, Alvord USD
Hillcrest High, Alvord USD
La Granada Elementary, Alvord USD
La Sierra High, Alvord USD
Loma Vista Middle, Alvord USD
McAuliffe Elementary, Alvord USD
Myra Linn Elementary, Alvord USD
Norte Vista High, Alvord USD
Orrenmaa Elementary, Alvord USD
Promenade Elementary, Alvord USD
Rosemary Kennedy Elementary, Alvord USD
Stokoe Elementary, Alvord USD
Terrace Elementary, Alvord USD
Twinhill Elementary, Alvord USD
Valley View Elementary, Alvord USD
Wells Middle, Alvord USD
Ysmael Villegas Middle, Alvord USD

Corona-Norco Unified School District

Adams Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Anthony Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Auburndale Middle, Corona-Norco USD
Barton Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Centennial High, Corona-Norco USD
Chávez Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Citrus Hills Middle, Corona-Norco USD
Corona Fundamental Middle, Corona-Norco USD
Corona High, Corona-Norco USD
Corona Ranch Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Coronita Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Eastvale Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Eisenhower Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
El Cerrito Middle, Corona-Norco USD
Foothill Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Franklin Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Garretson Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Harada Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Highland Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Home Gardens Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Jefferson Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Kennedy High, Corona-Norco USD
Lincoln Alternative Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
McKinley Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Norco Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Norco Middle, Corona-Norco USD
Norco High, Corona-Norco USD
Orange Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Orange Grove High, Corona-Norco USD
Parkridge School for the Arts Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Parks Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Pollard High, Corona-Norco USD
Prado View Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Ramirez Middle, Corona-Norco USD
Raney Middle, Corona-Norco USD
River Heights Middle, Corona-Norco USD
Riverview Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Roosevelt High, Corona-Norco USD
Santiago High, Corona-Norco USD
Sierra Vista Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Stallings Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Temescal Valley Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Todd Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
VanderMolen Fundamental Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Vicentia Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Victress Bower School for Exceptional Students, Corona-Norco USD
Washington Elementary, Corona-Norco USD
Wilson Elementary, Corona-Norco USD

Jurupa Unified School District

Camino Real Elementary, Jurupa USD
Del Sol Academy, Jurupa USD 
Glen Avon Elementary, Jurupa USD
Granite Hill Elementary, Jurupa USD
Ina Arbuckle Elementary, Jurupa USD
Indian Hills Elementary, Jurupa USD
Jurupa Middle, Jurupa USD
Jurupa Valley High, Jurupa USD
Mira Loma Middle, Jurupa USD
Mission Bell Elementary, Jurupa USD
Mission Middle, Jurupa USD 
Nueva Vista Continuation High,
Patriot High School, Jurupa USD
Pedley Elementary, Jurupa USD
Peralta Elementary, Jurupa USD
Rubidoux High, Jurupa USD
Rustic Lane Elementary, Jurupa USD
Sky Country Elementary, Jurupa USD
Stone Avenue Elementary, Jurupa USD
Sunnyslope Elementary, Jurupa USD
Van Buren Elementary, Jurupa USD
West Riverside Elementary, Jurupa USD

Lake Elsinore Unified School District

Brown, Middle Lake Elsinore USD
Canyon Lake Middle, Lake Elsinore USD
Collier Elementary, Lake Elsinore USD
Cottonwood Canyon Elementary, Lake Elsinore USD
Elsinore Elementary, Lake Elsinore USD
Elsinore High, Lake Elsinore USD
Elsinore Middle, Lake Elsinore USD
Graham Elementary, Lake Elsinore USD
Keith McCarthy Academy, Lake Elsinore USD
Lakeside High, Lake Elsinore USD
Lakeland Village Elementary, Lake Elsinore USD
Luiseno Elementary, Lake Elsinore USD
Machado Elementary, Lake Elsinore USD
Ortega Continuation High, Lake Elsinore USD
Railroad Canyon Elementary, Lake Elsinore USD
Rice Canyon Elementary, Lake Elsinore USD
Ronald Reagan Elementary, Lake Elsinore USD
Temescal Canyon High, Lake Elsinore USD
Terra Cota Middle, Lake Elsinore USD

Tuscany Hills Elementary, Lake Elsinore USD
Warren Elementary, Lake Elsinore USD
Wildomar Elementary, Lake Elsinore USD
Withrow Elementary, Lake Elsinore USD

Murrieta Unified School District

Cole Canyon Elementary, Murrieta Valley USD
Murrieta Canyon Academy, Murrieta Valley USD
E. Hale Curran Elementary, Murrieta Valley USD
Murrieta Valley High, Murrieta Valley USD
Shivela Middle, Murrieta Valley USD
Thompson Middle, Murrieta Valley USD
Tovashal Elementary, Murrieta Valley USD

Riverside Unified School District

Abraham Lincoln High, Riverside USD
Adams Elementary, Riverside USD
Alcott Elementary, Riverside USD
Arlington High, Riverside USD
Beatty Elementary, Riverside USD
Bryant Elementary, Riverside USD
Castle View Elementary, Riverside USD
Central Middle, Riverside USD
Chemawa Middle, Riverside USD
Emerson Elementary, Riverside USD
Encore High School for the Arts,Riverside USD 
Fremont Elementary, Riverside USD
Gage Middle, Riverside USD
Harrison Elementary, Riverside USD
Hawthorne Elementary, Riverside USD
Highgrove Elementary, Riverside USD
Highland Elementary, Riverside USD
Jackson Elementary, Riverside USD
Jefferson Elementary, Riverside USD
Liberty Elementary, Riverside USD
Longfellow Elementary, Riverside USD
Madison Elementary, Riverside USD
Magnolia Elementary, Riverside USD
Monroe Elementary, Riverside USD
Mountain View Elementary, Riverside USD
North High, Riverside USD
Pachappa Elementary, Riverside USD
Polytechnic High, Riverside USD
Raincross High, Riverside USD
Ramona High, Riverside USD
Reach Leadership Academy, Riverside USD
Riverside STEM Academy, Riverside USD
Riverside Virtual School, Riverside USD
Sierra Middle, Riverside USD
Summit View Independent Education, Riverside USD
Sunshine Special Education, Riverside USD
University Heights, Middle Riverside USD
Victoria Elementary, Riverside USD
Washington Elementary, Riverside USD

Bureau of Indian Education/
Bureau of Indian Affairs and
the United States Government
Department of the Interior

Sherman Indian High

State Special Schools
and Services Division of
California Department of Education
California School for the Deaf Riverside