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Water Use Efficiency at Western

Wise water use is a partnership between Western and our customers. Part of the District's mission is to work with our customers to provide knowledge, programs and incentives to achieve water savings not only for our customers but for all of Southern California.

Through local events, educational training, rebates and awareness-building campaigns, Western aims to collaborate with the communities it serves to secure our most precious resource. Western’s water use efficiency programs range from the unique – Smart Yard, a subsidized, satellite-based irrigation control system for homeowners, – to the regular offerings, such as home water-wise improvement rebates and free water efficiency evaluations.

Western’s Water Use Efficiency team addresses growing water constraints faced by communities across Southern California. As water supplies dwindle, conserving water is the lowest cost means to create additional supplies, particularly when compared to developing new infrastructure, drilling additional wells or purchasing water from outside the region.
By employing proven technology to eliminate water waste, and combining it with strong community outreach and awareness, we help our customers to conserve more and more water.

The District also weaves efficiency into all other aspects of our work to operate at the most cost-effective levels. Our efficiency stories are varied and endless.

Water use efficiency is the single most important tool Western customers can take advantage of to control their water bills.