Solar Cup



Solar Cup is an education program in which high school teams, sponsored by The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Metropolitan) and its member agencies, learn about water conservation and renewable energy by building and racing a solar powered boat during a seven-month period. The teams compete against each other in both sprint and endurance races at Lake Skinner, located in Temecula. As part of the program, the teams also research and complete various technical reports and create a water-related public service announcement. The culminating Solar Cup races will take place May 17-19, 2019.


Participating member agencies’ financial sponsorship grants provide funds for all basic boat materials to their teams ($4,000 for new or rookie teams and $2,500 for veteran teams). Additional money cannot be spent on your boat. Metropolitan will offer boat building and technical assistance to the student teams to ensure they create and operate a safe, solar-powered boat.


Solar Cup is an opportunity for students to gain understanding in the following areas:
  • Promote stewardship of natural resources, including water conservation 
  • Increase understanding of water supply and water quality challenges 
  • Promote use of renewable energy, through hands-on application of math, science and engineering 
  • Increase awareness about water industry careers 
Please return completed applications to Liselle DeGrave or 14205 Meridian Pkwy in Riverside. Call 951.571.7255 if you have any questions.

Sponsored Teams

2018 - Elsinore Co-op Team (Elsinore HS/Temescal HS/ Lakeside HS), Centennial HS, Eastvale STEM Academy: Roosevelt HS
2017 - Elsinore HS, Norte Vista HS, Riverside Polytechnic HS
2016 - Elsinore HS, Norte Vista HS, Riverside Polytechnic HS

2015 - Elsinore HS, Norte Vista HS, Riverside Polytechnic HS
2014 - Arlington HS, Elsinore HS, Norte Vista HS
2013 - Arlington HS, Elsinore HS, Murrieta Mesa HS
2012 - Elsinore HS, Centennial HS, Jurupa Valley HS and Riverside County HS
2011 - Arlington HS, Centennial HS, Elsinore HS and Murrieta Mesa HS
2010 - Citrus Hill HS, Patriot HS, Jurupa Valley HS and Elsinore HS
2009 - Citrus Hill HS, Patriot HS, Murrieta Valley HS
2008 - Citrus Hill HS, Jurupa Valley HS, Elsinore HS
2007 - Rubidoux HS
2006 - Jurupa Valley HS
2005 - Norco HS
2004 - Murrieta Valley HS
2003 - Centennial HS

2017-2018 Solar Cup/Western Teams Final Race Results

Riverside Polytechnic HS - 1st Place (2017-18)

Norte Vista HS - 31th Place



Elsinore HS- 33th Place (2017-18) 
Elsinore 1
The sponsored high school teams receive this outstanding educational experience at no cost to them or the school. Western and Metropolitan provide funding, with Metropolitan hosting the competition and paying for the boat shell and all required training. Western's funds are used to purchase the boat's power source – solar panels – and drive train components.