What it takes to Do Business

Doing Business

 Western employs a hybrid purchasing program that utilizes front-line supervisors and purchasing and risk management staff to research products and services, process purchases and contracts and ensure District needs are being met so that we can provide efficient and effective service to our customers.
The information below will assist you, either as a current or as a prospective materials or service provider. Our goal is to emphasize the use of technology to allow you to register online and be prequalified for notices of bids for specific projects and/or materials / equipment purchases or services.


Learn what the District does. If there is a need for what you provide, you should learn how our purchasing process works. Much of the District's procurement is obtained through competitive quotes and bids. The District looks for the best value. If you are a vendor, the manufacturer of your product should be willing to participate in the deal as well. Learn the accounts payable process and become familiar with contract and purchase order terms. 

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Public Work Contractors/Subcontractors can register with the DIR at  


Development Services

Western’s Development Services Department is available for assistance with your residential, commercial or industrial project. 
Bid Postings can be found here  

Strategic Communications 


Request for Proposals: Western Municipal Water District Identity Initiative, Brand Program - Proposals must be received no later than Friday, Jan. 3, 2020 at 10 a.m.