EngineeringIn any given year, Western employees embark on numerous capital improvement projects as well as hundreds of routine field jobs – activities aimed at meeting the District’s mission of providing customers with a clean, reliable water supply, wastewater treatment services and water resource management.

Engineering is one of the basics of human existence. Western’s engineers apply their knowledge of scientific principles on a daily basis to devise plans and designs to ensure that Western’s complex system of pipelines, pumps, waste water plants and related facilities work together smoothly as an integrated system.. The beginnings of all Western projects start in the minds of our engineering team.

OperationsOur Operations team picks up where our engineers leave off to run, maintaining and making improvements to Western’s facilities, equipment and infrastructure. Day in and day out, the Operations team runs the water and wastewater plants and distribution systems that provide our customers with reliable service. From Seismic Retrofits to Corrosion Control to routine maintenance and repairs, the men and women of Western Operations keep the system running smoothly and reliably.

Just as the Romans developed civic structures and working infrastructure throughout their empire, including aqueducts, bridges and dams, Western’s team of engineers and operators are intertwined to create and maintain the building blocks of delivering your water.

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