Water Resource Planning

Supply Reliability Supply Reliability
Western Municipal Water District regional projects will create cleaner, more reliable local water supplies while reducing dependence on imported water - Arlington Desalter biodenitrification expansion and biodenitrification upgrade, Western Water Recycling Facility expansion, the Riverside-Corona Feeder, the Santa Ana River Water Rights Application and the Chino Desalter II expansion.  

Supply Plans & Rights

 Western has updated its 2008 Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP). The objective of this update was to: 
  • Augment the IRWMP to be consistent with the latest version of the California Water Plan
  • Augment the IRWMP to address additional topics and issues to position Western and its customers to apply for future grant funding
  • Conduct enhanced public outreach to stakeholders and disadvantaged communities
  • Incorporate the outreach results into the IRWMP
Integrated Regional Water Management Plan 
Urban Water Management Plan 
Upper Santa Ana River Habitat Conservation Plan

Western is a partner in the Upper Santa Ana River Habitat Conservation Plan (Upper SAR HCP). The goal of the Upper SAR HCP is to enable water agency partners to continue to provide and maintain a secure source of water for customers and conserve and maintain the rivers and streams that provide wildlife habitat in the watershed. 

For more information on the Upper SAR HCP, please visit the plan website: SAR HCP website