Sewer Rates



Western is dedicated to the essential public service of collecting and treating wastewater (sewage), and doing so at the lowest possible cost. Our wastewater team and staff provide this vital service reliably every day of the year. While our agency continually strives for cost efficiency, we also need to keep pace with inflation and other cost increases, including, among others, the costs of complying with regulations governing the treatment and disposal of wastewater, repairing and replacing aging infrastructure, and year-over-year increases related to energy, chemicals, biosolids disposal, maintenance and labor costs.
Annually, staff assesses whether current wastewater rates generate sufficient revenue to pay for anticipated costs, and then makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors regarding any needed rate adjustments.

Staff recommended two-year increases to the wastewater rates and the Board of Directors approved them after holding a Public Hearing on July 18, 2018. The increases will be applied to all wastewater service billed on or after Oct. 1, 2018 and Oct. 1, 2019.

Adopted Resolution 3029 Retail Wastewater Rates

For more information about the rates for your service area, click on the links associated with the area where you receive service:  
WRCRWA Sewer Service Area  La Sierra Area: Western customers served by the Western Riverside County Regional Water Authority treatment plant are located in the communities of Lake Hills, Victoria Grove, La Sierra and Home Gardens. For properties where Western does not provide water service, annual wastewater charges are collected on the County tax roll. 
Notice of Public Hearing to consider wastewater rate increase for La Sierra Area

Cost of Service Report - La Sierra

WWRF Sewer Service Area  WWRF Area: Western customers served by the Western Water Recycling Facility are located east and west of the I-215 freeway in the communities of Mission Ranch, Boulder Springs, portions of Riverside, Perris and Cajalco/Woodcrest, and the Maarch Air Reserve Base.
Notice of Public Hearing to consider wastewater rate increase for WWRF Area

Cost of Service Report - WWRF

Murrieta Sewer Service Area  Murrieta Area served by SRRRA: Customers served by the Santa Rosa Regional Resources Authority (SRRRA) treatment facility are located in Murrieta excluding the Madison Avenue corridor. Customers will not be affected as staff recommended no adjustments to the rates for these customers.

Murrieta Area served by EMWD: Commercial customers served by the Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD) treatment facility are located along the Madison Avenue corridor. Notice of Public Hearing to consider wastewater rate increase for Murrieta area served by EMWD 

Cost of Service Report - Murrieta

Treatment Facilities

Western operates two wastewater treatment plants, one in Corona called the Western Riverside County Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant and the other in Riverside known as the Western Water Recycling Facility.

The Corona plant is a joint powers authority and is governed by the Western Riverside County Regional Wastewater Authority (WRCRWA). The WRCRWA plant, a facility capable of providing clean recycled water for irrigation or for discharge into the watershed, was brought online in 1998. It’s designed to clean up to 14 million gallons of wastewater per day. Wastewater from Western, the City of Norco, Jurupa Community Services District, Corona Department of Water & Power and Home Gardens Sanitary District is collected through many miles of pipelines, pumped to the WRCRWA plant, processed and released into the Santa Ana River in a cleaner state than the existing river water.

The Riverside facility, located near the March Air Reserve Base, is a 3 million gallon a day processing plant for treating wastewater that was expanded in 2010-11 to produce clean, high-quality recycled water for irrigation use. A main customer for this unique water source is the Riverside National Cemetery, which irrigates more than 900 acres of grass and plants with Western recycled water.