How to Read Your Meter

Determine Your Water Usage

Bill Example  
To determine your water usage, you’ll need to read your meter at the beginning and at the end of the particular cycle you want to track. For example, both the straight and round registers illustrated below read 336,600 cubic feet. If the last time your meter was read, it indicated 330,000, your consumption for the current billing period would be 6,600 cubic feet or 66 units of water. Your bill would look like the example to your right. 

How to locate a leak

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Your Water Meter

Meters measure water in units of cubic feet. One cubic foot of water equals about seven and one-half gallons. There are a few types of meters: the straight-read meter, which resembles the mileage indicator on an automobile speedometer; the round-read meter that has separate dials; and the touch-read meter that allows the meter reader to use a wand device over the surface of the meter for reading the measurements. 

Straight-Read Meter

Straight-read meter

Ignore the last two numbers and the one dial. Read from the left.

Round-Read Meter

Round-read meter Ignore the two bottom right-hand dials and the one dial. Read from the bottom left and move clockwise, reading the lower number (i.e., if the meter is in between numbers, the lower of the two is used).