Water Budgets for Every Customer

Every Western Municipal Water District customer has unique water needs. Typically, more water is necessary for large home properties than condos, and businesses use water in differing ways. That’s why the District’s billing rate structure is based on each customer’s specific water needs with individualized water budgets.

We’re committed to making sure everyone has a water budget that provides the water necessary to meet efficient needs. The water budget structure includes simple steps to adjust the budget established for your account, should you have a legitimate need for more water.

Good News!
Our customers collectively lowered their ‘over-budget’ water-use by 34 percent in the first half of 2013 when compared to 2012. From January through June of last year, customers used a total of 500 million gallons more than they were budgeted for, but this year that number dropped to 330 million gallons during the same time period.

Water Budget Adjustments

If you need to request a water budget adjustment, log into your own account by following this link. This form is also available in Spanish. Fax it to 951.571.0591 or you can mail or drop it by our offices at 14205 Meridian Parkway in Riverside or in Murrieta at 42290 Ivy St. (Thursdays Only). And, if you should have questions, you can email to water@wmwd.com.

Water Budget Rates at a Glance

Designed to Meet Your Individual Needs

Under the Water Budget structure, every customer receives a personalized water budget designed to meet their specific indoor and outdoor water needs. This personalized water budget means that no matter the size of your household or yard, you should be able to remain within your water budget and pay the lowest available price. Residential water budgets are calculated based on each customer’s amount of landscaping, real-time localized weather data and the number of residents in each home, among other factors. To learn more about your water budget click here.
Efficiency Rewarded with Low Bills

Most customers’ water use regularly remains within their water budget, and they are billed at the lowest available rates as a result. The only customers who are billed in the higher tiers (Tiers 3-5) are those whose use exceeds their water budget, and the District works closely with those customers to help reduce their water use and lower their water costs.

Fairness for All

Under Western's Water Budget Structure, customers who use water efficiently don’t subsidize customers who use water inefficiently. Only customers who waste water pay the added cost of delivering these unnecessary supplies.

Proposed 2017 Water Rates

Adopted in 2011

Prop 218 Water Budget Rates Public Notice - Riverside Residential
Prop 218 Water Budget Rates Public Notice - Riverside Commercial
Prop 218 Water Budget Rates Public Notice - Murrieta Residential
Prop 218 Water Budget Rates Public Notice - Murrieta Commercial
Request for Water Budget Adjustment Form
Request for Water Budget Adjustment Form (Spanish)