History of Fees

  • About 2008, Western staff began the process to review all fees. In consideration of not causing further impediments on the real estate economy, Western opted not to pursue any changes in the fees at that time.
  • Riverside Retail Water Connection fees were revised in 1996 and 1992 for the North and South Areas, respectively. 
    Each of the funds has a different history and thus a different date since the last fee adjustment. Fees for the Riverside Water system remained the same during both of the previous peaks in development. During that time, developers opted to construct and contribute assets to Western in lieu of fees.
  • Murrieta Division fees set when acquired in 2005.
    The water connection fees for the Murrieta Division have not been changed or updated since Western merged with the former Murrieta County Water District in 2005. Western has not charged a sewer connection fee because the short segments of sewer pipelines required for development were conditioned to be built by the developer. However, both Eastern and Rancho do charge sewer connection fees in this area because the sewage is ultimately conveyed to their respective systems.
  • MARB area has not had a fee.
    When the MARB Area was acquired, all of the water infrastructure that served the base was already built-out. MARB has indicated that they have no plans that will require additional capacity. However, there are areas around the base that have been designated for civilian redevelopment. Facilities to serve these areas will be paid for by a separate agreement between the March JPA, Western and the developers.
  • The WWRF sewer treatment and collection fees set when built, 2006 and 2007.
    Connection fees for sewer were set as systems were built in the Mission Ranch, Boulder Springs areas with different fee structures.
  • The La Sierra Collection System set when built in 2007.
    Connection fees for sewer were set as systems were built in the La Sierra area.