Victoria Recharge Basin FAQ

What is a recharge basin and how will it help our water supply?

A recharge basin captures stormwater and urban runoff that would otherwise be lost and then allows it to percolate into the Arlington groundwater basin. In this case, the newly captured groundwater will be used to increase production capacity at the Arlington Desalter, which provides billions of gallons of drinking water for the city of Norco and portions of Riverside.

How is the stormwater recharged?

Recharging is a natural hydrological process. As water moves down from the surface, it is naturally filtered in the underground before replenishing or “recharging” the aquifer.

How much water will this site recharge?

The Victoria Recharge Basin is estimated to recharge up to 1,800 acre-feet of water per year, which is equivalent to the average annual water supply needed for 3,600 homes.

When will construction start on the project?

Construction will begin in early 2017 and will take approximately nine months to complete. The Victoria Recharge Basin is anticipated to be operational by the end of 2017.

Where is the Victoria Recharge Basin Project located?

The 10-acre site is located in the city of Riverside off of Victoria Avenue and Jackson Street.

How much does it cost to build this recharge basin?

The cost to design and build the Victoria Recharge Basin is approximately $3.4 million. Use of grant funding will offset some of the construction costs. The Victoria Recharge Basin is part of the larger Arlington Basin Recharge Project, a $10 million project to increase groundwater storage, increase the use of the Arlington Desalter’s production capacity, improve groundwater quality and water management of the Arlington Basin, and increase water reliability in the event of an imported water disruption.

What will the site look like?

The visual character of the site has been carefully designed to blend in with the community by meeting local architectural and landscaping codes. Please see the renderings for an idea of what it will look like when finished. [link to renderings]

Will this basin cause an increase in mosquitos in the area?

No. Mosquitos like standing water, and the water in the Victoria Recharge Basin will generally be moving too quickly to attract mosquitos. Plus, as an added safeguard, various control measures will be put in place for vector control. These include things like designing the basin to be fully drained to eliminate vector growth, regular monitoring and maintenance.

How was this site selected for the recharge basin?

This parcel was one of several sites examined as a potential recharge location for the Arlington Basin in a 2009 feasibility study. The study looked at a variety of things like proximity to the Mockingbird Reservoir and Gage Canal, as well as soil conditions, before concluding this was the ideal site.

Who will get the additional water supply?

The water produced will go to the cities of Norco and Corona.