Victoria Recharge Basin Project

Construction on the Victoria Recharge Basin will begin in 2017 and will bring Western Municipal Water District customers a new, local supply of up to 1,800 acre-feet of water per year when it opens at the end of 2017. The new water supply will be equivalent to the amount of annual water needed to supply 3,600 homes.

The $3.4 million project is part of the larger $10 million Arlington Recharge Project, which includes building the Victoria Recharge Basin as well as construction of a production well and transmission pipeline.

Recharge basins capture stormwater and urban runoff that would otherwise be lost and then allows it to percolate into the groundwater basin. In this case, the newly captured groundwater will be used to increase production capacity at the Arlington Desalter, which provides billions of gallons of drinking water for the city of Norco and portions of Riverside.

The 10-acre site is located in the city of Riverside off of Victoria Avenue and Jackson Street.

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Victoria Recharge Basin Project Factsheet

Victoria Recharge Basin Project Conceptual Design

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