Why the California WaterFix is Important to You


What is the CA Waterfix?

The CA WaterFix is a science-driven upgrade to our aging water system. It will provide clean, reliable water to millions of Californians while protecting the environment. Water from this project is exceptionally important.

About 30 percent of the water that flows out of taps in Southern California comes from Northern California via the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. State and federal agencies want to modernize the water system by building three new intake points in the northern Delta along with two tunnels to convey water to the existing aqueduct system in the southern Delta.

The WaterFix covers five main areas:
  • Water Security
  • Environmental Protection
  • Reduced Risk from Earthquakes and Climate Change
  • System Upgrades and New Technology
  • Increased Efficiency

Why is this project needed and important?

The CA WaterFix is a critical investment to help protect and enhance water supply reliability from the state’s single largest water supply, the Sierra snowpack. New tunnels could safely transport water supplies if an earthquake or other disaster collapses the 50-year old Delta levee system. The tunnels could also make it possible to capture and store more water when it’s available. It’s an economically smart solution to our state’s water problem.

For more information

Interested in learning more? Reserve a date for one of knowledgeable water representatives to come speak to your community group about the CA WaterFix. Email Rachel McGuire, rmcguire@wmwd.com, to set up your community chat.

Western MWD Board of Director’s Resolution in Support of the CA WaterFix

Inland Empire CA WaterFix Benefits Fact Sheet

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