Water Resource Planning

Supply Reliability Supply Reliability
Western Municipal Water District regional projects will create cleaner, more reliable local water supplies while reducing dependence on imported water - Arlington Desalter biodenitrification expansion and biodenitrification upgrade, Western Water Recycling Facility expansion, the Riverside-Corona Feeder, the Santa Ana River Water Rights Application and the Chino Desalter II expansion.  
Supply Plans & Rights Western has updated its 2008 Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP). The objective of this update was to: 
  • Augment the IRWMP to be consistent with the latest version of the California Water Plan
  • Augment the IRWMP to address additional topics and issues to position Western and its customers to apply for future grant funding
  • Conduct enhanced public outreach to stakeholders and disadvantaged communities
  • Incorporate the outreach results into the IRWMP
Integrated Regional Water Management Plan 
Urban Water Management Plan