Customer Service

Customer Service

Working for You

Western is ready to provide you excellent and efficient service for your water and wastewater disposal needs. The following information outlines the various ways you can contact us as well as helpful information such as how to read your bill and how to turn off your water in cases of emergency. Don't hesitate to contact us for further assistance.  

Utility Bill Paying Scam

The scam claims that President Obama is providing credits or applying payments to utility bills. Customers are asked to provide their social security number to apply for the program. For more information about the scam and tips to protect yourself, click here.

Notice: Beware of Solicitation

Western does not have a relationship with any vendors offering free toilet installations for homeowners. If you are contacted by someone posing as a Western-certified contractor offering plumbing retrofits, please use discretion.

If you have questions, call 951-571-7104.

Customer Safety Warning

Our employees in the field wear Western uniforms and carry I.D. badges. We will never ask to come inside your house or backyard. If anyone posing as a Western employee asks to come inside your home, call the sheriff or police department immediately.
Emergency Assistance If you are experiencing an after-hours water or wastewater-related emergency, please call 951.789.5109.

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