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  1. Diversion of Wastewater is Another Step Toward Drought-proofing the Region

    Western and City of Riverside collaborate to increase recycled water flows Riverside, CA – Optimizing the use of local water resources in the upper Santa Ana Watershed was the emphasis for a unique project that will divert wastewater, roughly... Read on...
  2. Earth Night in the Garden Event Focuses on Protecting CA’s Environmental Resources

    Western Municipal Water District’s 9th annual Earth Night in the Garden event will focus on protecting California’s environmental resources, especially amidst a multi-year drought. Despite these water shortage challenges, the award-winning... Read on...
  1. LandscapeContest2016

    Inland Empire Landscape Contest

    Enter the Inland Empire Landscape Contest. Show the region that using less water can be beautiful!  Learn More...

  1. MeterReading_201603_web_Final

    Western meters to be read by contract services

    In an effort to streamline our processes, Western will be using Alexander’s Contract Services to read all of our meters.  Learn more…

  1. UWMP2016

    2015 Draft Urban Water Management Plan

    The 2015 Draft Urban Water Management Plan is now available for public review and input. Learn More...